The conference is divided into two main ambits: Literary & Cultural Studies and Linguistic Studies.


For the ambit-specific programmes, please access the following pdf files:

Book of Abstracts

For fuller details of all presentations and talks, please access the Book of Abstracts, ASYRAS 2017 Barcelona.

Mobile App

We strongly recommend that you download and install the Guidebook mobile programme app (iOS and Android compatible), which can be accessed here.

This mobile guide—also available in web format—provides detailed information on timings and locations, as well as offering participants a broad range of other useful information about the conference. Most especially, it allows you to manage your own profile of activities throughout ASYRAS 2017 Barcelona.

The Linguistics itinerary provides a Statistics Workshop (Wednesday January 25, 17:30-19:30). For further details on content, please access this document.

Conference Dinner

Please click here for information on the conference dinner.