The Doctor is In

“The Doctor is In” is an hour-long session (one for Linguistic Studies; one for Literature and Cultural Studies) scheduled for 17:30-18:30 on Thursday, 26 January.

The purpose of the sessions in both cases is to provide attenders, in their respective ambits, with close and informal access to a highly experienced academic figure, in order to discuss and enquire into those aspects of a professional and academic nature that are not always (or even usually) addressed directly, yet which are of unquestionable relevance.

Issues may include aspects such as questions concerning the publication process; selecting the right supervisor; post-doc accreditation; managing your teaching; research beyond postgraduate studies; good steps to take at the early-career stage, and so on.

This is not a formal talk or presentation, but we believe that it is very suitable to the context of an ASYRAS conference and we hope that it provides you with an opportunity to ask or to discover those things that you always wanted to know but never knew how (or where) to ask!

The Doctors in the House for our sessions are as follows:

For fuller details of each talk, please visit the relevant section of the Conference Guidebook or access the following links: